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My Collection

World-Class PLM Experience

Manage the entire product lifecycle with My Collection. 
Powered by the 3DExperience Platform, this solution offers brands and retailers a new approach to collaborative innovation and helps develop products consumers love while improving global efficiencies and speed to market by 30% to 70%.

My Store

3D Merchandising for Exceptional Consumer Experiences

The My Store Industry Solution Experience is perfect for all retailers and brands that want to deliver a more compelling and more profitable consumer experience. Leverage the power of 3D visualization, even using 2D images or sketches, for Visual Merchandising and assortment planning and validation. This solution allows designers, merchants, space and category managers and store teams to collaborate in real time.

My Design

Create, Engineer, Simulate, Manage, and share your products in 3D

My Design delivers intuitive 3D sketching and design tools that unleash a designer’s creativity. Use realistic rendering features to illustrate the product in its best light to customers and marketing staff complete with textures, materials and shadow control. Final consumers can get a feel for the future product thanks to photo realistic 3D digital images. This allows them to express their opinions on possible changes in the earliest stages of development, saving time and money.

My Retail Theatre

Engage Consumers in the Ultimate Omni-Channel Personalised Product Experience 

The My Retail Theatre industry solution experience allows consumers to configure their personalised products on multiple touch points. Using just about any type of virtual display device, shopping becomes a personalised experience using interactive visual elements with photo-realistic quality. Dynamic web and in-store configurators enable consumers to visually interact with products to create their own unique variations.

My Product Portfolio

3D Design and Product Management

Connect with consumers to deliver the products they want. With the My Product Portfolio industry solution, brands can implement effective design-for-cost strategies and launch their products to market faster. Access powerful 3D design tools to test and validate designs in a virtual environment. This helps reduce the need for physical prototypes and enables users to ensure manufacturability early in the process.

My Production

 Production Optimisation and Supply Chain Agility 

Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, the My Production Industry Solution covers the end-to-end manufacturing needs of consumer goods companies. With My Production, brands can identify and organise production based on customer requirements and plant availability and capacity. They have powerful tools to design and manufacture the most appropriate tooling for their products. Technical and marketing documentation can be rapidly created and monitored using native 2D and 3D design data.

My Operations

Intelligent Planning from Demand to Fulfilment

My Operations Industry Solution Experience delivers intelligent planning solutions for end-to-end operations optimisation, from demand to delivery. Tailored to the Consumer Goods and Retail industry, My Operations provides a powerful planning environment and real-time access to information for the entire value chain.