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    DELMIA enables manufacturers in any industry to define, plan, create, monitor, and control all production processes.

    It accelerates collaborative manufacturing by delivering a digital manufacturing process environment to optimize production.

    • DELMIA PLM technology allows manufacturers to interact with factory processes early in the design stage and months before actual production commitment. Engineers, management, and stakeholders can have a 3D visualization of the real world with the ability to evaluate “what-if” scenarios, make changes, optimize shop floor operations, and identify and eliminate costly errors and design mistakes.
    • DELMIA provides an array of dedicated applications for industries, combined with an environment for knowledge-sharing and process and resource management, to capture and implement best practices for manufacturing.
    • DELMIA enables industry-specific business process optimization with a comprehensive suite of digital 3D Manufacturing Solutions.
    • DELMIA enables continuous creation and validation of the manufacturing processes in the context of the product throughout the design phases through the open Product, Process and Resource model (PPR).
    • DELMIA allows you to capture, share, and reuse manufacturing knowledge and the best industrial practices.
    • DELMIA provides the technology and the collaborative environment to digitally define the way products are manufactured.
    • The DELMIA PLM suite of computer-aided process planning and engineering solutions is designed to enable companies to achieve lean manufacturing and build-to-order by providing an enabling environment for concurrent engineering. Coverage extends from the conceptual phase of product and process design, through simulation and monitoring of manufacturing processes, to shop floor operations such as capacity planning, implementation, and monitoring.




    DELMIA Process Planning
    Gain a clear overview of the sequences and links among processes, timing, cost, and resources early in product design conception

    DELMIA Process Detailing and Validation
    Apply 3D process planning to manufacturing to verify and/or redefine processes and validate work force performance and interaction

    DELMIA Resource Modeling and Simulation
    Model and simulate factory flows, robotic work cell setup and off-line programming, numerical control machining, and inspection

    DELMIA Execution
    Deliver the product and process information created during the planning and design stages to the production floor

    DELMIA Navigation and Collaboration
    Deliver viewing and navigation access to the product, process and resource (PPR) data for design engineers

    DELMIA Manufacturing Review
    Enable product and tooling designers to review the impact of their designs in a PPR environment

    DELMIA Human Factors for Manufacturing
    Provides a full-featured human modeling solution for defining and optimising the human “workers” in the manufacturing environment

    DELMIA Production Flow Simulation
    Offers an environment to develop and prove out best manufacturing flow practices throughout the production design process

    DELMIA Automation
    Reduce product launch time by allowing manufacturers to test, validate, and debug your system before physical commissioning.