Small Design Study with Significant Industry Outcomes

In this month’s feature we embarked on a design study of an existing structure to demonstrate the benefits of design automation using the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Design for Fabrication solution.

For the design study we chose the renowned roof of the Smithsonian Institute, designed by Foster + Partners and completed in 2007.

The purpose of the model was to explore what would be required to formalise the knowledge capture and reuse process for a sophisticated design – an informal design approach seemed to be a good place to start.

The basic productivity statistics are as follows:

  • Two different design concepts were explored
  • Two different structural design solutions were created
  • 5056 Drawings, 4624 individual components and 432 assemblies were generated
  • Total design exploration time, start to finish, took less than 100 hours

That’s around one minute per shop drawing and less than a minute when considering all parts and assemblies.  The 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s embedded engineering principles, automation and knowledge re-use meant that only 200 lines of code were required compared to thousands for the original project.

The time savings are dramatic and the additional benefit during a commercial project is that changes required to any aspect of the model during design reviews are automatically instantiated across the entire structure and drawings automatically updated.

The design study was completed by Graham Day, MEMKO.  If you would like more information please contact me.  Brenton Dodd,  +61 (0) 413 516 222,

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