Business Processes

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    MEMKO is your premium provider of industry specific Engineering Services, Software Solutions and Training

    MEMKO’s extensive range of business process management, design, engineering and construction planning solutions can be implemented individually. Architecture, Engineering and Construction companies can now improve their strategic initiatives around the transformation of development, construction and enterprise collaborations processes.

    Highlight and Benefits:

      • Deploy a free 2D professional CAD to free up budget in order to reinvest in 3D modelling.
      • Share information and communicate effectively when collaborating on construction projects.
      • Evaluate design alternatives with sophisticated 3D modeling and simulation to optimize for performance and design requirements.
      • Evaluate construction method alternatives integrating design and execution 3D models and simulations to optimize for highest-quality, safest, leanest realization.
      • Instruct construction professionals in work sequence, safety procedures, assembly procedures, and operating procedures.
      • Simulate and discover the best installation and maintenance options.
      • Utilize knowledge captured during design and construction to maximize long term building efficiency.