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Aerospace Supplier Solution

Engineer and build components for the Aerospace and Defence Industry

Now it is possible to take full advantage of PLM capabilities while limiting IT and infrastructure costs.  Using the cloud environment, owners, managers, engineers and sales may access their data anytime, anywhere and take advantage of the latest technology to be more productive and profitable.

Build to Operate

Digital Precision throughout Production

For aerospace and defence companies, Build to Operate, based on DELMIA Apriso, offers Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) capabilities to monitor, control and validate all aspects of manufacturing with digital precision throughout their supply chain on a global scale.

Co-Design To Target

Increase Innovation, Lower Costs

With the Co-Design to Target Industry Solution Experience, aerospace and defense companies – from large manufacturers to smaller suppliers – can improve program execution to meet cost, schedule and performance targets. Performing to schedule ensures companies can avoid millions of dollars in potential contract penalties by meeting product delivery dates.

Engineered to Fly

Competitive Advantage from Enhanced Productivity

With digital continuity across functions, or throughout the complete value stream, aerospace and defence suppliers can achieve higher margins through reduced design time; increased quality as issues are identified early, reduced number of duplicate parts, and optimised manufacturing.

Licence to Fly

How can you achieve type certification on time?

License to Fly powered by the 3DEXEPERIENCE platform, accelerates the certification process while ensuring aircraft safety remains the primary objective.  Achieve Type Certificate on time, reduce cost to certify by 25%, and build confidence with aviation authorities.

Passenger Experience

How to drive profitable cabin personalisation?

The Dassault Systèmes industry solution Passenger Experience allows you to profitably deliver custom or personalised cabin interiors by automating engineering, manufacturing and certification processes while providing realistic visual assets for use by engineering, sales, marketing and training.

Ready for Rate

Planning the future factory, today

Analysts estimate that over 30% of errors and waste occur during production.  Addressing the supply chain and production planning, the Ready for Rate Industry Solution Experience provides manufacturers with the ability to accelerate the time it takes to reach full production rate.

Test To Perform

Are you confident your program is safe, reliable and meets requirements?

Test to Perform connects test teams with designers and expert analysts throughout the program life cycle. Eliminating the silos across all teams allows improved traceability throughout all phases of testing and provides full management visibility.

Winning Program

Configure the Right Concept, Know How to Deliver It

Given that 70% of cost decisions made during a program’s concept and preliminary design phase impact 80% of total life cycle cost (Roland Berger 2011), companies that make the right choices in this early phase will have the most success.  Winning Program along with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows knowledge capture of the end to end proposal process to ensure repeatability and reusability, reducing the time spent on tactical proposal and program management.