Test To Perform

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    Are You Confident Your Program is Safe, Reliable and Meets Requirements?

    Early testing and better testing would provide significant benefits for Aerospace and Defence manufacturers. This helps avoid late discoveries of flaws and failures in aerospace systems.

    With the Test To Perform solution aerospace and defence companies can expand on how and when the ideal time to test is. Elimination of silos improves traceability throughout all phases of testing and provides full management visibility.

    Discover the values:

    • Meet entry into service (EIS) targets with global virtual and physical test monitoring
    • Mitigate risks to insure safety and maintain brand image using more virtual tests prior to physical tests
    • Improve product robustness and accelerate design maturity with live, multi-disciplinary simulations
    • Use test “cockpit” to support lean test governance for scheduling and monitoring results to performance targets
    • Test with the right quality and fidelity through the entire test pyramid