Lean, Green & Compliant

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    Lean, Green & Compliant is the ideal solution for global vehicle manufacturers and suppliers faced with challenges from developing high performance to fulfilling regional requirements such as fuel consumption, recyclability and making an impact on the environment. This industry solution enables you to accelerate you innovation to ensure your final product is optimized and competitive and at the same time guaranteeing your product is internationally compliant. You will also be able to test and validate your latest innovative ideas earlier in the development cycle which saves cost, time and effort. With the help of advanced 3D modelling and behaviour, simulation can also support the estimate of energy balance and the overall impact on the environment.

    It is official and now proven that Lean, Green and Compliant solutions can quickly strengthen your competitive advantage!


    Key Values of the Lean, Green & Compliant solution:

      • Enables quick and accurate confirmation of vehicle compliancy with global/regional standards


      • Provides a 3D validation platform to architect, simulate and validate vehicle performance, embedded


      • systems, and manufacturing processes, saving time and cost


      • Supports evaluation and optimization of vehicle behaviour regarding its energy balance and weight


      • Enables analysis of the health and environmental impact along the entire lifecycle of the vehicle


    • Integrates diverse development disciplines, within a unified platform, toward optimizing innovation