My Car Experience

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    MEMKO is your premium provider of industry specific Engineering Services, Software Solutions and Training

    My Car Experience is a solution which proves virtual simulation to ensure that the next vehicle innovation fulfils your customers’ current sophisticated requirements.

    Businesses and suppliers that create new innovative designs which are not in sync with current customer preferences will find it hard to succeed in a competitive market. This solution specifically caters to the automotive industry and reaches out to transportation and mobility companies, helping them to collect and analyse pertinent customer perspectives and requirements to align and enhance vehicle development. The applications powered by this solution are uniquely capable of gathering, aligning and enriching volumes of data, then delivering critical details in a very insightful dashboard to be timely analysed.

    Global collaboration through crowd-sourcing and co-creation can accelerate innovative new concepts both productive and profitable. New designs can now be explored at in a virtual 3D environment as the need for expensive prototypes is eliminated!


    Discover Key Values of My Car Experience Solution:

      • Results are optimized due to the industry-leading designs created


      • Resources such as ‘social listening’ enable a strong analysis and easy access to strategic customer insights


      • Innovative concepts are accelerated to profitable reality through global ‘social collaboration’


    • Save time, cost and other resources through Virtual 3D Simulation & Analysis which will ensure the best possible performance.