Target Zero Defect

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    Target Zero Defect is an Industry Solution Experience which enables comprehensive vehicle development capabilities in a collaborative 3D environment to ensure right-the-first-time results from concept to final production. The solution also provides an integrated and open development platform with capabilities to minimize defect, automate knowledge, manage complexity and optimize performance across the entire product development process.

    Supporting the proactive prediction of budget and development cycle ensures accuracy, saves time and cost. With Target Zero Defect there is a great amount of reduced risks for OEMS and suppliers. The high performance virtual design and simulation of production creation, from conceptual design to virtual manufacturing enables Target Zero Defect to take on a global approach embracing disciplines across a company’s ecosystem.


    Key Values of Target Zero Defect Solution:

      • Reduce repetitive tasks, increase focus on digital sculpting and surface optimization


      • Accelerate vehicle concepts to optimal, right-the-first-time results


      • Comprehensive solution for “design anywhere, produce everywhere” body engineering and manufacturing


      • Enhance vehicle performance, reduce weight and minimize fuel consumption


      • Support innovative powertrain development – maximizing performance while minimizing emissions


    • Provide integrated virtual assembly simulation, preventing errors and saving costs.