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Projects and Project Based Services

MEMKO has delivered many business and digital transformation projects for its clients. Following is a high-level overview for a selection of projects.

3D modelling of a complex ceiling panel project utilising aerospace grade CAD and data management tools to deliver advanced project features within extremely tight timeframes – including automation to eliminate repetitive design, advanced parametrics, 2D documentation linked to the 3D model, and input to fabrication from the 3D model.

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4D simulation of a proposed manufacturing operation including ability to run ‘what if’ analysis and optimise all processes prior to construction of the facility.

Implementation of an enterprise wide specification management and formula optimisation system for a large food and beverage company.

Implementation of product development and product lifecycle management solution for multiple customers in multiple industries, including aerospace, defence, asset management and manufacturing.

Project management of the preparation of training manuals for a consortium involving the defence force, major defence contractor and tertiary institution.

Design, engineering and oversight of the modification and fit-out of commercial and defence aircraft – multiple projects.

Customisation and implementation of an engineering document management system for the maintenance of a geographically diverse set of assets for a government department.

Development of an industry policy for Aviation, Aerospace and Defence.

Consulting for a start-up business in the commercialisation of additive manufacturing technology.