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    Product Framework

    CATIA Analysis Discipline

    CATIA V5 Analysis Discipline provides fast design and analysis iterations for any type of part and assembly. Because of the CATIA V5 knowledge-based architecture, it is very easy to drive product optimization based on analysis specifications and results. CATIA V5 Analysis offers unbeatable ease of use, making this powerful tool accessible to both designers and specialists.


    • CATIA Structural Analysis 2 (SA2)
      Provides all the necessary tools for advanced designers and specialists involved in structural analysis
    • CATIA Tolerance Analysis of Deformable Assembly 3 (TA3)
      Provides the tools to predict manufacturing variations on sheetmetal assembly tolerances by using deformation and assembly analysis

    Configuration Benefits

    • Tolerance analysis business benefits: Better processes from concept to completion
    • Tolerance analysis technical benefits: Open, scalable infrastructure for easy extensibility
    • Structural analysis business benefits: Shared analysis tools for improved product quality
    • Structural analysis technical benefits: Simplified system management and reduced overhead