Production Execution

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    Product Execution

    Virtual production execution promotes flexible manufacturing by offering an accurate and reliable virtual production system to track real-time production activities, perform schedule changes, launch new programs, introduce model changeovers, and schedule maintenance operations. It provides 3D digital enterprise communication and teamwork exchange tools to assist with production activity. Users can make product and process information created during the planning and design stages available to the shop floor worker in a visually intuitive, graphically intensive, easy-to-use format.

    Navigation and collaboration tools deliver viewing and navigation access to IP for design engineers and others throughout the enterprise, thereby providing a powerful communication and collaboration tool for viewing and sharing information to link design, manufacturing, and other stakeholders with the non-technical community.

    Capabilities for live planning and management of the running factory balance the dynamics of the production environment to take into account and problem solve for market demand, product mix, and customer orders to achieve flexible manufacturing. Manufacturers can react to the dynamics of part suppliers and availability for on demand delivery. Users can also schedule and track all aspects of production in real time as the factory is running to capture the demands of the global market, to plan new program launches, and to model changeovers to create the greatest market impact.