Program and Control Engineering

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    Program and Control Engineering

    Program and Control Engineering capabilities allow manufacturers to virtually program, validate, and simulate manufacturing systems for the virtual commissioning of production facilities. It provides the tools needed to develop, perfect, and implement the resources, application routines, and mechanical programming that are integral to process and resource definition.

    • Defining robots, tooling, fixtures, machinery, automation, and ergonomic manikins, which combine to create a complete manufacturing scenario
    • Programming of plant resources and controls, including the physical programming of the programmable logic controller (PLC).
    • Defining workforce activities and instructions in terms of “what to do” and “how to do it” in relation to the factory operations
    • Determining the optimal production mix of product capabilities to meet market demands while minimizing re-engineering costs and downtime

    With DELMIA V6 Program and Control Engineering, the manufacturing engineer can:

    • Watch virtual cells come to life and virtually commission entire production systems with the actual physical controls
    • Reduce risk by exploring in 3D many “What if?” scenarios that would otherwise be very difficult to validate
    • Reduce ramp-up time with virtual operator training
    • Enforce standardization with re-usable smart devices from the lowest-level component to complete lines
    • Virtually program and validate device behavior prior to download in the physical controllers on the plant floor.