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    V6 brings PLM 2.0 to lifeenovia-2013x-400x267

    Leverage the collective intelligence of DELMIA, CATIA, 3DVIA and ENOVIA online to accelerate innovation, empower 3D online collaboration and ensure success.

    At a glance

    PLM 2.0 is the next step in the evolution of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and the V6 “online-for-all” platform is the best way to get there.

    V6 PLM offers:

    • Global collaborative innovation, expanding PLM to include business users and consumers in the product life cycle, using the language of 3D and the power of online communities
    • Lifelike experience with 3D products looking and behaving as in real life, plus an intuitive interface that mimics real life to find, communicate, collaborate, and experience products in 3D
    • A single PLM platform for managing intellectual property (IP) with modeling applications that span all engineering disciplines and business processes
    • Collaborative online creation in real time using Web technology, while bringing product requirements together with functional, logical, and physical (RFLP) definitions of the product
    • Ready-to-use PLM business processes that consolidate engineering and enterprise best practices
    • Lower cost of ownership with a single database, an open service oriented architecture (SOA), and ease of installation

    V6R2011x focuses on accessibility, simplicity, and readiness to make it easier than ever to benefit from PLM 2.0. In particular, direct modeling, expert realistic simulation technology for designers, and the ability to model and simulate the dynamic behavior of systems debut in V6R2011x.

    The recently released V6R2012X now delivers new levels of open collaboration, lifelike experience and digital asset reuse focusing on global production systems through DELMIA, advanced systems engineering in CATIA and a more powerful user experience.


    • Digital manufacturing and production with DELMIA V6
      DELMIA V6 delivers a natural interactive 3D PLM environment for creating, sharing, and experiencing manufacturing intellectual property (IP).
    • Virtual Design with CATIA V6
      CATIA V6 offers, through a multidisciplinary approach, a full spectrum of virtual design capabilities and enables efficient design collaboration to encourage innovation across the extended enterprise.
    • Lifelike experience with 3DVIA V6
      3DVIA Composer revolutionizes the product documentation process for enterprises of all sizes.
    • ENOVIA V6
      ENOVIA V6 is engineered to address the business challenges of our customers and the evolving needs of their industries.