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    CATIA Domains

    Listed here are CATIA’s Domains. Select the domain of your choice from the boxes below to learn more about the functions, capabilities and benefits of each CATIA Domain.

    • Provides a single simulation platform for hybrid, multi-disciplinary simulation, reaching new disciplines and widening the traditional scope of CATIA to requirements, functional, and logical views of the physical product in a collaborative manner.
    • Delivers a highly productive environment to easily capture and express shape design intent.
    • It provides a complete set of tools to create, validate, and modify any shape type, from free-form styled surfaces to smooth mechanical shapes, in a collaborative way
    • Enables the creation of any type of 3D parts, from moulded and forged parts, machined parts, sheet metal parts, to the definition of mechanical assemblies.
    • It provides all the tools needed to complete the product definition, including functional tolerances and annotations directly specified in 3D
    • Delivers a dedicated electromechanical end-to-end solution for designing and documenting electrical modules in all industries that design electric, electronic, and electromechanical components.
    • It reduces time and cost for creating electrical modules directly in the digital mock-up, avoiding interferences and creating up-to-date manufacturing documentation
    • Accelerates a company’s business processes while ensuring compliance with best practices and taking advantage of its collective knowledge.
    • Users have access to advanced design parameters and knowledge capture and optimization tools that allow them to define standard rules and design quality assessment checks
    • Provides a unique collaborative environment for performing realistic simulation and virtual product behaviour testing to evaluate real-world product performance during the design process.