CATIA Knowledge & Re-use

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    At a glance

    The design knowledge and re-use portfolio comes with several products to fulfill the entire knowledge requirement a company may have. CATIA Knowledge Advisor allows designers and design engineers to capture their know-how and reuse it as best practices to initiate new designs. Users can embed knowledge into their design through formulas, rules, reactions, mathematical equations, and checks, thus enabling subsequent flexible modifications that remain compliant with company know-how. Knowledge templates allow users to easily and interactively capture engineering know-how and methodology for highly efficient and extensive reuse.

    CATIA Knowledge Expert provides a powerful interactive environment for creating and managing validation rules to ensure product designs conform to industry, customer, or company standards. Optimization tools provide an interactive environment for modeling and solving complex engineering problems.

    For capture and reuse, the CATIA Knowledge portfolio offers:

    • Improved ability to innovate by automating repetitive and tedious design tasks
    • Reduced time for bidding and increased responsiveness to inevitable customer engineering changes during design and manufacturing
    • Reduced product complexity and lower overall product development costs
    • User-defined features to enable management of IP protection between the OEM and its supplier chain while preserving industrial deployment within the company

    The Knowledge portfolio optimizes IP definition. Users can quickly investigate and find options for the most robust designs to assure product life-cycle quality. Such extensive virtual prototype testing helps to lower costs.

    CATIA Knowledge applications can also be used to validate best practices. Knowledge tools can be used to automate standards compliance, avoiding costly corrections downstream and facilitating inter-process collaboration