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    At a glance

    CATIA Shape delivers a highly productive environment to easily capture and express shape design intent. It provides a complete set of tools to create, validate, and modify any shape type–from free-form styled surfaces to smooth mechanical shapes–in a collaborative way. The solution portfolio covers the complete process of surface reverse engineering from the import of digitized data to the recovery and finishing of high-quality surfaces. Based on a specification-feature approach, the set of easy-to-use capabilities allows manufacturing companies to not only shorten the design validation phase but also to easily define collaborative processes for controlling the quality of generated shapes in the preliminary and detailed design phases.

    CATIA Shape benefits you by:

    • Delivering process coverage from preliminary concept to final shape design
    • Employing a unique integrated solution for both styling and mechanical shape design to streamline design iterations
    • Including a native reverse engineering environment that is associative to the CATIA shape design environment
    • Enabling rapid propagation of design changes at any time to optimize the design process
    • Featuring unmatchable dynamic curve and surface modeling with powerful real-time diagnostic tools
    • Using an intuitive environment to enable true freedom to design high-end shapes rapidly
    • Enabling efficient concurrent design through tight collaboration between designers and engineers
    • Offering a powerful design review environment to help ensure quality high-end products
    • Embedding 3D design in reality