CATIA Systems

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    At a glance

    CATIA Systems provides a single simulation platform for hybrid, multi-disciplinary simulation. It delivers:

    A functional logical editor for designers to create relationships between the first conceptual requirements in the earliest stages of product design with the next steps in the system logic until finally the detailed components are completed.

    Logical 3D systems to bring 3D to space reservation and pathways connections. It provides easy-to-use 3D modeling tools for the systems architect to quickly define and investigate several 3D layout alternatives early in the product design process. Together with digital mock up and knowledgeware, logical 3D system applications allow the validation of the 3D architecture of logical systems with respect to installation requirements.

    Systems control and logic modeling provides formal models suited to manage parallel systems and to produce reliable code. It allows the system architect to define, simulate, and generate automatically the C-code for any control system.

    CATIA Systems benefits by:

    • Ensuring compliance with standards and regulations
      Improving product quality and customer satisfaction because new products are designed and developed to reflect the voice of the customer
    • Reducing development costs and rework by bridging the gap between product requirements and design and product launch processes and disciplines
    • Improving visibility and collaboration because teams are using a central repository
    • Ensuring “right to market” delivery through traceability between final product validation and initial customer expectations
    • Performing realistic simulation very early in the design phase