Licensed To Cure Medical Device

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    Today, Medical Device companies have achieved favorable market conditions through advanced technology and innovative ways of improving the quality of life. However, these companies are faced with increased regulations which have adversely impacted overall progress.

    MEMKO specializes in the provision of solutions that control the complete product lifecycle for medical devices and pharmaceuticals, enabling full transparency, compliance and traceability with quick response to audit and TGA requests.

    Licensed To Cure for Medical Device allows companies to eliminate disparate data silos and embed regulations as an asset, optimizing quality, compliance and reducing the cost and time related to the manufacture of a medical device.

    d56029be32bfdc82a5db46de5dc2694b_f775By utilizing the Licensed To Cure for Medical Device solution companies can move forward by leveraging the 3DEXPERIENCE platform that combines engineering, quality, regulatory compliance and workflowed business processes. Licensed To Cure for Medical Device provides end-to-end product management enabling collaborative development, full transparency and compliance to customers. It addresses all aspects of the company’s quality, regulatory compliance and ISO-regulated design control whilst delivering a higher quality product to market.


    Discover the values of the Licensed to Cure for Medical Device Solution:

    • Integrated framework for compliant innovation and embedding quality and regulatory best practices
    • Single source of data information
    • Full 100 per cent regulatory compliance assured via a virtual design history file (DHF) and up-to-date device master record (DMR)
    • Master regulation compliance
    • Conquering complexity focusing on regulatory compliance
    • Embedding regulations as an asset
    • Balancing innovation in product development with quality and safety
    • Optimizing quality of devices and compliances
    • Reducing costs and time to market