xGenerative Design

Delivering multiple enhancements for designers, engineers and systems engineers. The new 3D Generative Innovator role delivers browser-based, on-the-cloud, generative modelling.

“3D Generative Innovator” delivers a browser-based on-the-cloud generative modelling environment that uniquely combines graphical visual scripting and interactive 3D-modelling, with the ability to use one or the other interchangeably at any time. Any 3D Model can also be described by a program/script which defines the 3D elements and the relationships between them. Visual Scripting makes this easier, as it is a visual approach to creating programs by manipulating program elements graphically rather than by specifying them textually.

Key Benefits


  • Create in 3D Virtual Reality with CATIA Natural Sketch.
  • The new Product Experience Presenter role creates compelling visual product experiences in 3D.
  • ICEM Design Experience delivers a new generation surface modelling App.


  • The Function Driven Generative Designer role has been further improved with even smoother and more regular surfaces.
  • A new extension role, Function Driven Refinement Designer, enables further refinement.
  • For AEC, productivity enhancements include the creation of variable curtain walls and increased sophistication in handling rebar for concrete structures.

Systems Engineers

  • Systems Engineers can enjoy multiple enhancements and additional roles to make their jobs easier and more productive.