Perfect Production

Agile planning, scheduling and supply chain management

Perfect Production is an agile solution from order to execution plus supply chain management. Global manufacturers and suppliers improve synchronisation of material flows and scheduling that could otherwise result in bottlenecks, errors and cost increases if not unaddressed. Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the solution has manufacturing operations management and optimisation features for better visibility, control and synchronisation to ensure production targets are met. Perfect Production supports “Any Product, Any Plant” agility and consistency through the standardisation of best practices across global sites.

Key Benefits

Reduce Inventory Carrying Costs

Support multiple material replenishment models and inventory management techniques to eliminate obsolete inventory.

Digitise Lean Practices on the Shop Floor

Leveraging a modern, customisable and interactive touchscreen- enabled solution to capture, monitor and track operational meetings.

Introduce a Global Approach to Containment and Traceability

Implement rapid containment of raw materials, components, work-in-progress and final products across the entire manufacturing supply chain.