Eric Whitney

Senior Design Engineer

Eric holds a Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering as well as a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from The University of Sydney. He holds a CASA Part 21.M signatory status in the area of structures and mechanical systems for all aeroplanes and rotorcraft, with nil limitations.   His day-to-day work is designing aircraft modifications and repairs as well as new installations for aircraft ranging from single engine trainers all the way up to large commercial and military types.  Often working in commercial operations support, special mission modifications and crashworthiness, from time to time he is involved in special feasibility studies and technical data analysis.

His previous experience includes:

  • Development of all new aircraft types including full FAR certification projects, working in all areas of structural test, flight test, certification and manufacturing.
  • Design, structural test, flight test and certification of major special mission modifications for Search and Rescue (SAR), geophysical survey and aeromedical roles.
  • Energy absorbing seat design and installation, and dynamic impact sled testing.
  • Fatigue and damage tolerance analysis, as well as aging aircraft support.
  • Developing and approving modifications and repairs for the F/RF -111C and F-111G aircraft.
  • Mission analysis and computational optimisation, particularly in the areas of evolutionary and multi-objective optimisation.

Backing up theory with practice, Eric has held both unrestricted private and recreational pilot’s licences for over 20 years.