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Bill of Materials Management

Maintain a single version of the truth

ENOVIA Bill of Materials Management empowers product engineers to create and maintain a complete, accurate, and up-to-date bill of materials (BOMs). Today, most products require contributions from multiple disciplines including mechanical, electrical and software engineering. This increases product complexity and, therefore, the task of creating an accurate BOM and maintaining it as changes occur through the product development process.

Store Analytics

Configuration and Change Management

Ensure business agility

Today, agility to quickly deliver product variants to the market is critical for companies seeking to meet rapidly changing consumer demand for personalised products. ENOVIA configuration management helps manufacturers with highly configurable products manage global product designs and bill of materials containing all variants. Product designers and engineers create product configurations for analysis or to validate supported product options.

Design Management

Collaborate effectively

ENOVIA Design Management manages and secures design data across geographically disperesed teams and throughout the extended value chain. ENOVIA powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, manages designs authored with CATIA® 3DEXPERIENCE®, CATIA V5, SOLIDWORKS and third-party CAD tools.

ENOVIA enables true enterprise collaboration by providing stakeholders early visibility to product data and related design information before final product decisions are made.

IP Classification and Protection

Secure intellectual property

A company’s ability to leverage and protect intellectual property (IP) without exceptions is critical to short and long-term success. ENOVIA IP Classification enables companies to accelerate product development and shorten time-to-market through reuse of design components and product documentation; increase reliability, quality and lower cost by reusing previously validated product content; and improved collaboration by enabling users across the enterprise to find and add their own product content.

Product Planning and Program Management

Deliver projects on-time and under budget

Today, many companies still manage programs with disconnected resource, project and authoring applications. The result is manual, time-consuming, and error prone collection and consolidation of program data from which critical business decisions are made. ENOVIA Product Planning and Program Management associates the definition and development of the product portfolio with the tracking of the projects used to govern it. Implications of portfolio decisions can be quickly assessed against the project schedule.

Quality and Compliance

Raise quality and ensure compliance

Today many manufacturers have quality management systems that only address quality at a functional level, not enterprise-wide. The result is no full end-to-end visibility of issues or common use of best practices to optimise quality and quality processes across the organisation. ENOVIA Quality Management provides an effective and efficient quality management system to enforce common quality processes, support global and local regulatory requirements and manage all quality events, such as corrective and preventive actions (CAPA), product non conformance, and audits, across the enterprise.

Strategic Customer Relationships

Exceed customer expectations

ENOVIA Strategic Customer Relationship helps Product and Requirement Managers to capture and manage customer requirements throughout the product development process to delight customers and ensure market success. Translating the “voice of the customer” into data-driven requirements that define new products improves the development process by connecting product features and capabilities directly to customer needs. Full trace-ability of requirements reduces process complexity and leads to better decision when making time-to-market vs. functionality trade-offs.

Strategic Supplier Relationships

Connect the supply chain

For Collection Planners and Managers in the consumer goods, fashion or retail industry, conducting seasonal line planning, ensuring proper product development, creating product sourcing plans and managing global suppliers are complex tasks. ENOVIA powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform supports the creation and implementation of standard processes to enhance collaboration with the supply chain, minimise sourcing risks, manage vendors and improve the planning process.