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With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and Industry Solution Experiences, Life Sciences companies can collaborate with the supply chain and regulatory agencies both pre-market and post-market through an online experience platform that helps ensure drug efficacy, safety, and quality

The License to Cure for BioPharma enables companies to transition from a traditional product oriented model to the delivery of therapeutic solutions using a system that enables companies to be more reactive and responsive to quickly meet market needs.



The License to Cure for Medical Device solution allows companies to eliminate scattered processes and data and to “embed” regulations as an asset, optimizing quality and compliance and reducing cost and time to market.

This end-to-end solution supports all aspects of a medical device company’s quality system and regulatory compliance ISO-regulated design controls.



The Made to Cure for BioPharma provides a foundation for creating commercially sustainable operations delivering business value from process and quality data. It minimises risk and cost of quality and regulatory filings, updates and inspections while maximizing existing investments in process knowledge.



The Made to Cure for Medical Device industry solution experience enables medical device companies to take control of quality manufacturing across their global operations, reducing the risk of non-compliance and improving operational performance.



As a collaborative focused initiative, the Designed to Cure industry solution brings higher quality therapeutic candidates to market faster by accelerating knowledge driven innovation.

Enhance decision-making through real-time views across the life cycle of therapeutics innovation and integrate Quality-by-Design principles to comply with regulations.



A single solution for a Unified Laboratory

The Dassault Systèmes ONE Lab industry solution experience integrates people, resources, processes, data and interfaces for improved efficiency and collaboration.

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