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First impressions are everything.

Consumers that have an exceptional shopping experience come back. So merchandisers need to have a vision for the way they want their stores to look, and ensure they can consistently deploy and validate that vision. A lot of thought goes into visual merchandising to define the ideal product mix and how to best display it to enhance the brand ‘persona’ for each floorset and each store classification. The goal is to deliver the “wow” moment, and a unique shopping experience that will maximise sales and have a direct topline impact.

MyStore Visual Merchandise

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3D Content Collaboration

With this industry process experience, the shopping environment is represented as a 3D virtual model with impressive realism. Content created in 3D can be combined with high quality photographs or Adobe Illustrator™ image and rendered together as 3D models.

3D Content Creation

My Store Space Planning

My Store Space Planning enables retailers to represent the future store complete with sight lines, pillars, shelves, fixtures and staircases for optimum impact. Planners can depict a zone, an entire floor or the way a corner will be set up complete with lighting effects for more realism.

Planning out Store Space

My Virtual Merchandising

With My Virtual Merchandising, brands and retailers can conduct virtual and visual assortment reviews with everyone from executives to display teams. They engage in efficient virtual merchandising based on business rules that ensure that specific products are featured in key locations.

Virtual Merchandising

My Shopping Experience

With My Shopping Experience consumers can browse the various departments and test-buy products providing merchants with valuable information on a proposed collection before actually triggering production or stocking the store with real inventory. My Shopping Experience helps identify consumer preferences that influence the assortments and the way they are positioned throughout the store.

Shopping Experience

My Mobile In-Store Review

My Mobile In-Store Review provides retailers with the infrastructure to share 3D Planograms in real-time between retailer’s HQ and store managers across the retail chain, with a simple interface that can run on mobile device. Store managers can visualise local business metrics on the 3D planogram, and can decide to make local adjustments if needed.

My Mobile In-Store Review

My Analytics

With My Analytics, companies can extract more value from their existing information across multiple systems, including the web, and generate real-time and in-context results as queries, dashboards and alerts. Stakeholders can make better-informed decisions and implement rapid adjustments to improve retail performance for increased revenue and profit. With information intelligence, organisations become more agile and dynamic.

Store Analytics