DELMIA Execution Discipline

Manufacturing Execution provides 3D digital enterprise communication and teamwork exchange tools to assist with production activity. Users can make product and process information created during the planning and design stages available to the shop floor worker and offer this data in a visually intuitive, graphically intensive, easy-to-use format.

The following configurations are included in this domain:


    • DELMIA DPM Shop (SF2)
      DPM Shop is an interactive 3D product and process information resource tool to enhance your workers’ performance. DPM Shop uses visually intuitive, graphically intensive, easy-to-use engineering product and manufacturing process data and delivers work instructions directly to the shop floor to replace expensive, error-prone and hard-to-manage paper-based systems. Designed to be versatile, adaptable, and scalable to fit a broad range of production environments, DPM Shop gives workers a simple, mouse-driven or touch-screen compatible interface to perform their work. It can be integrated with third party tools, such as MES systems or ERP, to access legacy data using standard interfaces, and can fully access data available within the manufacturing hub. It is always current and reflects the latest engineering and process changes.
    • DELMIA DPM Shop Order Release (SR2)
      DELMIA Shop Order Release provides tools for the manual and automatic extraction of Shop Order Instance (SOI) information based on configurations for consumption by internal and external systems. It enables the release of a Shop Order package, including the as-planned process and 3D work instruction data for the requested configuration to production systems such as MES, in preparation for the production launch. Shop Order Release also accepts work execution status from MES and updates the status of the as-planned data.