DELMIA Manufacturing Review

Manufacturing Review provides easy-to-use tools to enable product and tooling designers to review the impact of their designs in the same PPR environment that a production engineer identified an issue with the design and process. Quick access to the PPR Manufacturing Hub allows collaborative review of process scenes allowing fast resolution of design issues.


    • DELMIA DPM Review 2 (PR2)
      DPM Review 2 allows production engineers to easily create and annotate Process Scenes to detail production issues and automatically report the issue to the design department, Design and Tooling engineers can click on the link provided which jumps to the target state of process simulation demonstrating the issue exactly as it was reported and annotated by the production engineer. The addition of the optional DELMIA Space analysis provides process analysis tools including Clash, Measure Inertia, Sectioning, Distance and Band analysis, measure between, and measure item. Addition of the optional DELMIA Human Review provides resource analysis including Data Readout for Devices, Human Analysis with window, coloring, and display.