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Dymola 2019

MEMKO is proud to present Dymola 2019, the latest version of the much acclaimed Modelica based commercial modelling and simulation environment.

The latest release comes with a range of meaningful updates and features:

Model Creation

Dymola 2019 allows you to capture the parameters of existing components to create new models. This encourages the creation of specialised component libraries that can be used in subsequent designs.

Improved use of display units for parameters and variables in the graphical editor and in plots improves readability and reduces model ambiguity


To further support the simulation of hard thermo-fluid problems, Dymola 2019 has more robust and efficient handling of models with nonlinear equation systems through improved handling of initial values. Improved diagnostics at compilation and runtime helps find difficult numeric problems, and intermediate values can be checked during debugging.

Optimised handling of parameters helps minimise code generation for large tables of data, leading to faster model translation, simulation and post-processing.

Modelica Libraries

The Pneumatic Systems library is available in Dymola 2019, facilitating architecture deign, component sizing, modelling and simulation of pneumatic systems. Other libraries have seen significant enhancements.


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