Ready for Rate

Achieve type or supplemental certification on time while driving costs out.

Ready for Rate enables flexible production while delivering products with first-time quality, on budget, and on schedule. Aerospace manufacturers can take advantage of digital continuity to implement lean practices that remove waste in critical areas of manufacturing. Planners can define and validate manufacturing processes down to individual work instructions virtually to eliminate potential issues and waste before they occur.

Key Benefits

Accelerate Production Implementation

Prove new manufacturing technologies and automation within the 3DEXPERIENCE twin of the real production to increase the speed of production implementation with first time quality.

Optimise Supply Chain and Production Strategies

Integrate the global but lean manufacturing strategy planning, validation and optimisation with a strong supply chain to meet production rate, cost,and schedule.

Deliver Right the First Time

Collaboratively manage engineering change, planning quality and risk on a single platform to ensure continuous quality to the shop floor.