Reinvent the Sky

Accelerates concept to certification on the cloud

The Reinvent the Sky Industry Solution Experience accelerates the product lifecycle from concept to certification. Companies gain significant advantage by being first to market with their prototype. By optimising program execution and leveraging the power of digital continuity on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud, SMEs and OEMs reduce complexity and design for manufacturing during product development. Using the cloud-based Reinvent the Sky solution on the platform allows better collaboration across functional teams, lowers IT costs and scales with project maturity and company cash flow.

Key Benefits

Shorten Time From Concept to Prototype

Accelerate the time from concept to prototype with less resources by leveraging a single platform on the cloud.

Ensure Digital Continuity From Concept to Flight

Ensure digital continuity across all value streams from engineering to test and later manufacturing by eliminating inefficiencies in the design process to ensure product quality.

Continuous Control

Drive improved execution across teams via real-time key performance Indicators and provide full traceability for certification.