Winning Program

Increase success rates through optimised concepts and proposals, and know how to deliver it.

Winning Program allows Aerospace & Defence companies to define new offers or win new business by exploring 1000x more concepts virtually, optimise designs for cost, performance and manufacturability and ensure it can be delivered on-time and on-budget. Companies can conduct comprehensive analysis of required system engineering choices and conduct associated trade studies to fine tune the accuracy and fidelity of each proposal or offer. Winning Program also captures the end-to-end process, allowing companies to reuse key processes or elements while minimising the time spent on tactical proposal and program management.

Key Benefits

Efficient and Effective Bid Development

Create and validate your proposal with fewer resources by leveraging a single platform.

Optimised to Win

Explore 1000 times more design options that best meet the requirements as well a budgetary and time constraints.

Shorten Ramp-Up Cycle

Validate concepts during the bid phase to reduce downstream detailed design and production efforts.