Perfect Formulation

The Fastest Path to Formula Optimisation and Compliance for CPG Brand and Contract Manufacturers.

Perfect Formulation, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enables companies to take a holistic approach for finding the most optimal product solution. With Perfect Formulation, R&D scientists can understand consumer needs, use in-silico models to predict formulation behaviour, design and test formulas for efficacy and manufacturability, optimise formula costs and ensure regulatory compliance – all on a single platform.

Key Benefits

Cut Time-to-Develop By Up To 20%

Enable people, processes and systems to collaborate through the same business platform to avoid iteration loops that cause delays.

Increase Consumer Loyalty

Utilise a robust and agile formula design solution that manages powerful ingredient-level calculations to deliver a formula that performs and drives consumer repurchase.

Reduce Sourcing Costs By Up To 30%

Utilise a ‘design for cost’ strategy and leverage raw materials substitutions to deliver critical savings.

Virtually Eliminate Product Recalls Due to Noncompliance

Leverage a regulatory management solution that continually evaluates product formulas for material compliance and provides real time alerts to any potential violations.