Perfect Package

Design and optimise packaging in record time

Package design efforts are often scattered across multiple groups and suppliers using different systems. This leads to rework, delays, higher costs, quality issues and recalls. Perfect Package, from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enables brand manufacturers, design and marketing agencies, packaging suppliers and artwork studios in the CPGR industry to collaborate together to create breakthrough designs from concept to in-store visualisation. Perfect Package can significantly shorten package design cycles, cut packaging materials costs and virtually eliminate the chance for recalls. Companies can rapidly reuse and adapt designs for line extensions, new sizes and local preferences to accelerate speed to market and expansion into new geographies.

Key Benefits

Cut Packaging Design Time By Up To 50%

Simplify and standardise processes, streamline workflows to minimise wait time and waste, and provide real-time visibility into project status.

Improve Collaboration Within the Packaging Ecosystem

Make the interactions between internal and external stakeholders involved in the packaging and artwork development process more efficient for fast and smart decisions.

Virtually Eliminate Packaging Related Recalls

Increase regulation by enabling stakeholders in the review and approval process and execute materials and artwork correctly the first time.

Reduce Packaging Materials and Design Costs By 30% to 50%

Detect and correct package errors in the development process, avoid the cost of physical mock-ups and virtually eliminate the cost of recalls.