Perfect Product Staging

Easily create powerful high-end 3D experiences

Perfect Product Staging enables brands to create impressive digital marketing assets, visuals, animations and deliver personalised product experiences that resonate with consumers. Brands can generate interactive marketing and sales experiences that improve the buying journey. Consumers can configure their personalised products and make their products come to life with photo-realistic quality at the touch of a finger. With Perfect Product Staging, Home and Lifestyle companies have one single marketing and engineering environment that connects internal and external collaborators and where product data is used to automatically create marketing assets.

Key Benefits

Create New Ways to Engage with Consumers

Digital media enables brands to learn and respond quickly to changing consumer preferences by facilitating personalisation that reflects their unique identity.

Move From Products to Consumer Experiences

Improve customer loyalty and brand image with interactive, memorable and personalised experiences.

Release Early Product Information to Sales

Optimally match consumer demands and availability to increase service levels.