Construction Excellence

Deliver on time and on budget

Capital projects within the Energy & Materials industry face many challenges during the construction phase and during major overhauls. Finding and applying the right information to make effective decisions can eliminate project delays, cost overruns, and improve project safety and sustainability. Construction Excellence enables Engineering, Procurement & Construction companies and owner/operators to deliver on-time and on-budget construction projects.

Key Benefits

Ensure Field Worker Safety

Mitigate errors and improve worker safety with animated step-by-step construction sequences that give workers enhanced 3D instructions in full context about the tasks they need to complete.

Accelerate Decision-Making

Deliver a single source of project information that allows businesses and their extended ecosystem to access all data and forecast activities, and monitor resources and project status in real-time. Make efficient decisions by identifying and resolving issues before they become critical.

Minimise Waste

Link the allocation and procurement of materials to the real-time status of a project. Just-in-time scheduling of contracted machinery, materials and workers saves capital and optimises resource utilisation.