Financial & Business Services

Optimise service operations and accelerate service innovation to improve the customer experience.

Irrespective of industry, at every step of the value chain, service operations and service innovation are fundamental to the success of a company.

Dassault Systemes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform digitises your business to strengthen sustainability, better address regulations and improve overall operations. It helps to realise cost efficiencies and frees up time for innovation, enabling superior customer service to drive competitive advantage.

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Financial & Business Services Software Solutions

Intelligent Product Governance

product governance

Intelligent Product Governance is a comprehensive collaborative lifecycle management solution that reduces operational risk and complexity, while strengthening governance and controls. It increases transparency and accountability, enabling faster idea generation, innovation and reduced time to market. The solution helps to increased revenue and operational efficiency, diminishing compliance costs and operational risk.

Intelligent Customer Service

customer intel

Intelligent Customer Service for insurance managers or asset managers enables you to better detect brand sentiment and swiftly identify trending topics to give you that three dimensional insight to drive smarter customer service and product development decisions. It allows you to capture a complete view of the customer across channels such as blogs, social messages and surveys helping to ultimately provide you with the intelligence to improve the customer experience.

Intelligent Logistics

intelligent logistics

Time-sensitive operations like express logistics require quick decision-making. They need the agility to react in real time to the rise and fall in requests, logistics variability, disruptions and changes. Optimisation technology that can balance these variables simultaneously, is the key to a lasting competitive advantage.

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Financial & Business Services Market Segments

Banking & Financial Markets

By digitising the entire business value chain, you can transform the way you manage clients, products and data with real-time, actionable insights and lifecycle management. Successfully implemented in highly regulated businesses like Life Sciences, digitisation turns regulatory burden into a competitive advantage. It enables the development of solutions tailored for mass customisation – increasing competitive advantage and sustainable growth.


By embracing digital transformation, using the 3D Customer Intelligence platform, insurance companies gain a holistic view of the customer across structured and unstructured data. These insights enrich the customer experience and allow organisations to swiftly identify customer centric topics, enabling better customer service and informed product development decisions.

Logistics Solutions

Gain full visibility and control over the entire planning and optimisation process, from long-range network strategy planning to daily workforce scheduling and route planning

banking and financial markets
logistics solutions

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