Perfect Logistic

Adaptive value chain optimisation

Perfect Logistics provides retailers with full control of logistics by optimising operations for reduced transport costs. With this solution, based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, stakeholders share a common view of operations, which includes the best routes, truck capacity, and regulations, all focusing on timely deliveries. Perfect Logistics accounts for unexpected events and automatically proposes schedule adjustments. It also handles multi-temperature scenarios and automatic dynamic pricing for e-commerce purchases. Perfect Logistics delivers fast and in full to satisfy consumers’ “anytime, anywhere, made for me” demands.

Key Benefits

Reduce Transportation Costs

Optimise logistics routes and improve vehicle utilisation through KPI reporting tools and automated planning capabilities.

Take Into Account Urban Regulations

Improve flows between suppliers and production sites and integrate regulations and retail-specific rules related to truck size, load types, and delivery windows.

Improve Customer Service

Optimally match consumer demands and availability to increase service levels.

Reduce Delivery Costs and Improve Profits

Automatically deliver dynamic pricing and delivery windows and methods that are economically more advantageous.