Inspection & Analysis Suite

Identify deviation and tolerance conditions between measured parts and nominal CAD in a premium user experience.

Inspection & Analysis Overview Video

Inspect parts with 3D scanner point cloud data that is best fit and analyzed to 3D CAD model. Verisurf’s unique, CAD-based architecture can read any file format, interoperate with any common, portable CMM (including arms, trackers, and scanning systems) and has the most flexible reporting capabilities available

What Makes Us Different

  • Connect to manual and portable CMMs and measure with probes and scanners from Hexagon, Renishaw, Leica, FARO, API, Kreon, Mitutoyo, Sheffield, and Zeiss.
  • Inspect to drawings or CAD models with intelligent MBD and measure primitive features or complex profiles directly without limitation.
  • Identify deviation and tolerance conditions between measured parts and nominal CAD in a Windows-standard graphical interface in a premium user experience.
  • Create meaningful quality reports in standard or custom formats and connect to popular first article or SPC quality management database

Explore Benefits & Features

How we help you program, measure, report and communicate.

Open System Freedom

Open System Freedom

  • Intuitive user experience makes it easy to learn, remember and support.
  • Model Based Definition speeds tolerancing, programming and reporting.
  • Create repeatable measurement programs for scanners, manual, portable or CNC CMMs.
  • Support for hundreds of CMMs provides freedom to choose the best device for the job
Measurement Planning & Performance

Measurement Planning & Performance

  • Fast measurement planning by selecting CAD surfaces and features with intelligent MBD.
  • Embed instructions and photos into plans and resequence operations with drag-and-drop editing.
  • Real-time deviation display and fast analysis of measurements to nominal CAD.
  • Flexible best-fit options increase conformance while reducing scrap and rework.
Connect & Operate CMMS

Connect & Operate CMMs

  • Connect to portable CMM laser trackers and scan arms from, API, COORD3, FARO, Kreon, Hexagon, Leica, LK, Master3DGage, Mitutoyo, Nikon, Trimos and Wenzel.
  • Quickly switch between single point and continuous probe scanning or non-contact scanning of millions of points.
  • Precise real-time scan quality with auto trigger tolerances and configurable scan filters.
Quality Reporting & Communication

Quality Reporting & Communication

  • Create rich inspection reports with standard or custom formats with your branding.
  • Quickly identify quality issues and export or write measurement data to quality management systems for immediate notification.
  • Automate first article inspection reports or production inspection with statistical process control and real-time quality dashboards.

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