Affordable, Precise and Portable for Rapid, In-Process Inspection. Seamlessly integrated with Verisurf software to reduce scrap, improve quality, and improve productivity

Tool Building and Inspection Suite

Reduce scrap, improve quality, and increase productivity with Master3DGage.  The lightweight, wireless, battery enabled design it ideal for use in the quality room, on the shop floor, or in the field. On machine inspection and reporting can now be done in-process, right in the CNC machining center while the part is still clamped in place. Master3DGage is an accurate, portable CMM.


First Article Inspection in Minutes

The Master3DGage, powered by Verisurf software, is fast and easy to use.  First article inspections that would typically take hours can now be completed in minutes with the easy Align – Inspect – Report workflow.  Accurate and professional reports that can be output in a variety of standard business presentation formats, including 3D PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, HTML, Text or directly to a database.

Scanning and Reverse Engineering

When it comes to reverse engineering, Master3DGage, powered by Verisurf lets you finish the job, from start to finish. Artifacts can be measured using the touch probe or optional 3D scanner. The Measure – Mesh – Model workflow quickly produces STL mesh models suitable for 3D printing or continue on to produce intelligent 3D CAD models.

Matser3DGage Scan

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