Design Experience & Validation

An integrated visualisation and immersive process for design validation & accurate decision making for global collaboration in virtual environments

Designers face the daily challenge to create and convince their design intent, but also to share and collaborate globally and with other departments.

The Design Experience & Validation process provides an integrated visualization and immersive solution for design validation and accurate decision making. Designers can now access a new level of creativity, by combining 3D modeling, visualization, and VR (Virtual Reality) together. Create, collaborate, and experience 3D product design on native and massive models with accurate views for everyone, everywhere at any time:

  • Native support for HTC Vive as well as Powerwall and small CAVE environments.
  • Validate your design milestones fully immersed (easy to interpret) with no tool change.
  • Enable multiple users to experience the same immersive design review in a shared VR world.
  • Connect distributed teams and reduce travel costs.