Global Modular Architecture

Enhance collaboration and master complexity to drive profitability

A vehicle is complex. An autonomous vehicle is even more complex, and this complexity is increasing as technologies are developing. Old fashion PLM cannot efficiently handle this anymore. Since decades, modularization has been at the heart of all OEMs’ strategies, crossing all segments (cars, trains, motorcycle, trucks, …). Modularization improves engineering efficiency but also enables production of many different models on the same production line in all production sites. But behind modularization there is a systems engineering approach applied at the enterprise level.

The Global Modular Architecture solution is a disruptive approach that fits the new development challenges and goes beyond traditional Product Data Management (PDM) with an enterprise systems engineering approach to drive early Bill of Materials (BOM), and a configured Digital Mock-Up (DMU) to support the designers’ tasks.

Benefits of Global Modular Architecture

  • Deliver an expanding portfolio: Definition & management of a global portfolio and it development meeting brand and local market needs
  • Define functional and physical architectures: A single platform to develop & validate a vehicle architecture across disciplines, and managing variability & complexity for all stakeholders
  • Share responsibility with suppliers: Extended Enterprise capabilities to co-develop and produce modules & components with partners and suppliers
  • Improve sourcing and standardisation: Manage the end to end process from sourcing to purchasing, through standardisation and reuse
  • Verification and validation plans: Define and monitor verification and validation plans for all development phases
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Success Story

Jaguar Land Rover

Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, reveals his vision for Jaguar Land Rover. Sharing an entrepreneurial spirit, Jaguar Land Rover has partnered with Dassault Systèmes for their I-PLM programme to manage the entire end-to end product lifecycle process.

Included in Global Modular Architecture

Vehicle System Architecture

Elicit needs from all stakeholders and define conceptual architecture from functional to sub-systems

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Performance Driven Architecture

Converge on best solution trade-offs at conceptual level


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Performance Validation Strategy Definition, Execution & Analytics

Enable test planning, orchestration and execution while balancing accuracy, time and budget

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Continuous Product Development

From architecture definition to multi-domain detailed engineering (mechanical, electronic, software,..) meeting program KPIs

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Collaborative Enterprise Release

Enable formal release of engineering definition under change and configuration

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