On-Target Vehicle Launch

Rapidly engineer and industrialise optimised vehicles for comfort and safety

The automotive industry is facing disruptive changes with electric, connected and autonomous vehicles. To survive, OEMs must reinvent new driving experiences and stake their claim for electric vehicle market share. Of course, there is no possible compromise between comfort and safety which is a double challenge for engineering teams.

Meanwhile, factories are adopting a flexible production line approach, which is now a basis to guarantee performance, module diversity and the delivery to the market on time. These challenges require radical strategic decisions to be taken and the risk on investments has never been so high. It is now mandatory to do right first time.

Benefits of On-Target Vehicle Launch

  • Push the limit of Body in White (BiW) optimisation for multi-energy Powertrain (PwT) modules: Ease decision making by a multiphysics approach at the conceptual level before detailed design
  • Optimise passengers’ comfort: Streamline collaboration & traceability between disciplines and suppliers
  • Go beyond physical prototypes to manage vehicle regulations: Optimise vehicle modules while mastering complex physical phenomenon
  • Remove expensive wasted time with full digital production engineering control: Link all sequences and resources management to the production plan
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Success Story

Jaguar Land Rover

On-Target Vehicle Launch

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