Chris Li

Aerospace Engineer

Chris is a degree qualified Aerospace Engineer from RMIT.

He has undertaken projects in:

  • Participated in AIAA Undergraduate UAV Group Design Competition of rotorcraft in study of Computational Dynamic Fluids, Finite Elements and wind tunnel testings
  • Conducted Computational Dynamic Fluids Analysis Projects on various models in relation to automobiles, aircrafts in determining the influence in streamline and pressure flows
  • CATIA Dragonfly Prototype Flight Design for MAV Thesis, determining effectiveness of corrugated wings in terms of wind tunnel and Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis testing
  • Conducted Wind Turbine Blade structural and performance Analysis using MSC Patran and Nastran
  • Completed China Exchange Student Program in Nanjing University of Aeronautical and Aerospace, designed and manufactured ducted fanned UAV aircraft project
  • Provided engineering services for major airline with national and international regulatory bodies


Software experience: CATIA V5, AutoCad, Solidworks, NASTRAN, PATRAN, ANSYS CFD, MatLab