Creative Concept Design & Styling

Be more creative and collaborative to realise the customer’s dream. Our solution for creative designers helps modelers to shape more ideas and concepts

Working in a 3D world can enhance a designer’s creative process and avoid the disconnection that can occur between 2D and 3D designs. With Creative Concept Design & Styling, designers can easily sketch their ideas in 3D using subdivision surface technology and clay-like modeling features to quickly create more free-form designs and alternatives. This also helps them reduce physical mock-ups by enhancing the reach of virtual design. They have associativity between 3D sketches and the equivalent surfaces, making modifications fast and easy.

Automotive interior and exterior designers can base their 3D sketches on existing car features such as wheels, chassis, and seating allowing them to sketch around these components directly in 3D. Designers have tools that can display basic ergonomic data allowing designers to take into account morphology and to simulate a passenger’s movements using virtual manikins when designing a car’s interior.