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Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail

When consumers want it yesterday, be first to make it and first to market
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Today’s consumers in the Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail (CPGR) industry are no longer concerned with just product quality and price, they now want to be part of a collaborative product experience.

When a brand or retailer fails to deliver on expectations, consumers will move on.  As a result, CPGR product lifecycles are getting shorter.  Leading CPGR companies are leveraging digital solutions to deliver innovation from concept to consumer with extraordinary speed to delight consumers and drive sustainable business growth.

Market Segments

Food and beverage

Food & Beverage

Accelerate growth and meet consumer demand for ‘healthier’ while driving sustainability initiatives and regulatory compliance for maximum efficiency

beauty and personal care

Beauty & Personal Care

Drive organic growth by reducing time to develop while managing global regulatory complexity

Household Products

Household Products

Build your household products portfolio in the CPG & Retail Industry around sustainability with greener products and implement a ‘global’ strategy for new markets

Packaging supplier

Packaging Supplier

Differentiate your value proposition while you optimize production efficiency and reduce materials costs

General retailers

General Retailers

Drive organic growth by designing and delivering a store experience that will increase shopper traffic

Success Story

Read about one company's journey in implementing 3DEXPERIENCE

Metsä Board

Metsä Board adopted Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform and its industry solution Perfect Package, which is one element in Metsä Board’s new service offering for its customers called Metsä Board 360 Services. Using the advanced simulation technologies that are delivered through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, this service sees Metsä Board create virtual twins of its packaging solutions, and compare their performance against customers’ existing solutions in a variety of simulated conditions.

Using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, Metsä Board can improve the functionality, recyclability and brand impact of its customers’ packaging solutions, maximizing product performance while minimizing both carbon footprint and costs. Compared to physical prototyping, the company is able to propose new packaging solutions 85% faster.

Compared to physical prototyping, we can recommend optimum paperboard 85% quicker

Markku Leskelä
Vice President of Research and Product Development, Metsä Board
Discover the 3DEXPERIENCE solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail

Consumer Packaged Goods & Retail Solutions

Perfect consumer product

Perfect Consumer Product

Streamline design and development to delight your consumers

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Production agility

Production Agility

Planning production in a variable world

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Perfect package

Perfect Package

Design and optimize packaging in record time

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Perfect logistics

Perfect Logistics

Satisfy demand with adaptive value chain organisation

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Perfect formulation

Perfect Formulation

The fastest path to formula optimization and compliance

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Perfect Production

Perfect Production

End-to-end planning and execution for manufacturing operational excellence

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Package agility

Package Agility

Design wining experiences

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Perfect supply

Perfect Supply

Intelligent planning for agile supply chain optimization

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Perfect Lab

Perfect Lab

Transform lab processes and accelerate innovation

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Perfect product staging

Perfect Product Staging

Easily create powerful high-end product marketing experiences

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formulation classification

Formulation Classification

MEMKO’s Integrated 3DEX Formulation Classification App leverages the product data managed within 3DEXPERIENCE to provide formulation management and reporting for companies in the Food & Beverage industry. Capabilities include management of ingredients and nutritional information, solid to liquid conversions, supplier variation management, liquid to solid loss measurement, and cost optimisation. The App also generates a NIP (Nutritional Informational Panel) that is available to downstream processes including packaging.

Specification Management

Specification Management

MEMKO’s Specification Management App leverages the 3DEXPERIENCE GLS (Global Specification) Role to provide a centralised, single version of the truth for all product data including ingredients, raw materials, finished goods etc. The App manages all types of hierarchies and relationships and allows users to append ALL product related information. Companies can manage the product development process from Draft (Ideation) through to completion (Authorised) and manage Finished Goods relationships with all other specification types; i.e. quality, packaging, artwork, raw material, formulation etc.

Dashbaord Reporting

Dashboard Reporting

MEMKO’s Dashboard Reporting framework enables companies to select and display any type of information within the product development process. Users can choose the information they want to analyse from drop down menus and then display the information in a range of different options, such as charts, tables and graphs. The information can also be exported into different formats for presentations or import into other systems.

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