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Smart Skills for Advanced Manufacturing
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Our objective is to upskill the workforce with in-demand and relevant industry skillsets with MEMKO’s suite of Micro Credentials. With the advent of digitalisation across industries, companies need to act proactively in building their current workforce capability to meet current challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. Developed by industry experts for industry, there are courses covering 6 essential domains identified in the current industry demand, including Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), Digital Twin and Digital Manufacturing. These domains are applicable across multiple industries, including Aerospace & Defence, Space and Transportation.


Delivered online or face-to-face, self-paced or instructor-led, and featuring hands-on work, course participants can gain the skills they need quickly and apply them in their context. Develop career-ready capabilities in innovative areas that are relevant to the needs of your businesses today and tomorrow.  These coursework can be customised for enterprise-wide training to suit particular objectives and desired outcomes.


Advanced Manufacturing Micro Credential Courses Australia

Self-Paced or Instructor Led

We offer both self-paced and instructor-led micro credential options, online or in-person, with users having access to the digital environment and learning modules

Flexible Timeframes

Training pathways can also be delivered across fully consecutive days or spread across multiple weeks in smaller blocks to help with the learner’s schedule

Applied Learning

Attendees will be apply what they are learning through interactive assessments and hands-on work using digital tools

Multi-Industry Applicable

Suitable for a range of industries, including Aerospace & Defence, Transportation, Manufacturing, Space and more.

Courses Offered

Digital Twin

Understand the value of digital twin and the methods of delivering a digital twin roadmap for your business

Composites Micro Credential

Composite Materials

Introduction to composite design and fabrication, as well as structural and thermal simulations (Finite Element Analysis – FEA)

Model Based Systems Engineering Micro Credential

Model-Based Systems Engineering

Understand MBSE languages, like SysML, as well as the methods and tools for application in designing a system

Digital Manufacturing Micro Credential

Digital Manufacturing

Provides an understanding of the tools, technologies, and strategies involved in digitalisation and optimisation of your manufacturing operations

PLM Micro Credential


Address the needs for an efficient PLM system to track and trace data in its entire lifecycle for better management and output

Additive Manufacturing Micro Credential

Additive Manufacturing

Deep dive into the different additive manufacturing techniques, modelling techniques, their materials and applications to industry

Course duration and pricing may vary depending on the objectives and desired outcomes from training. For further details please contact us

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