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CATIA by Dassault Systèmes is the world’s leading solution for integrated Product Design, Engineering and Systems Engineering. CATIA shifts traditional 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) expectations to cognitive augmented design, which fuses modeling and simulation. The software is scalable and can support thousands of users working on different systems in a single model in real time.

CATIA has the most diverse range of Disciplines to support the most unique and complex designs and ensure those designs can be built – surfaces, sheet metal, composites, kinematics, welding, plumbing, wiring, moulds, tooling, large-scale assemblies, and more – all integrated within a single platform.

Integrated with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, CATIA offers industry solutions for model-based systems engineering, enterprise architecture, concept modeling and ontologies.

Key Features

Engineering Excellence

Accelerate the engineering process by 30% to 50%

Design & Modelling

Cover the entire shape design, styling & surfacing workflow, from industrial design to Class A

Systems Engineering

From systems definition through to modelling, simulation, verification and business process management.

Electrical & Fluid Systems

Optimise electrical wire harness & cable system design, alongside piping, tubing & hvac system design.

CATIA Disciplines

CATIA Construction

CATIA allows architects, engineers, owners and governments to build and collaborate beyond the limits of traditional project delivery methods, by delivering a range of 3D modeling and experience solutions that span throughout the whole design, engineering and delivery process.


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CATIA Design & Styling

From 3D Sketching, subdivision surface, Class-A modelling to 3D printing, reverse engineering, visualisation and experience, CATIA Design/Styling provides all the solutions for design creativity, surface excellence and product experience.

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Electrical and fluid CATIA

With the ever-increasing demand for more complex and sustainable systems, Electrical and Fluid Engineering faces critical challenges for energy efficiency, system integration, and optimized behavior. Quality of electrical and fluid design becomes paramount to ensure proper feature delivery and avoid costly modification late in the manufacturing process.


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CATIA Engineering provides the platform which enables engineers to create any type of 3D assembly, for a wide range of engineering processes.


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3DEXPERIENCE Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering solution from Dassault Systemes delivers a unique, open and extensible development platform – a platform that fully integrates the cross-discipline modelling, simulation, verification and business process support needed for developing complex ‘cyber-physical’ products.


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CATIA Products



On Premise or On Cloud

The CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE Portfolio contains over 60 roles which support user experience in studying design, mechanical engineering, electrical, fluids, engineering and systems engineering.

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CAD Configuration Bundles

CATIA V5 is the leading solution for product success. It addresses all manufacturing organisations from OEMs through their supply chains.

The much loved V5 version is now seamlessly integrated with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform so companies can benefit from social collaboration, enterprise management and dash-boarding from native V5 models and designs.

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CATIA Composer

CATIA Composer

CATIA Composer

Allows both technical and non-technical users to efficiently create illustrations and visual work instructions

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Q-Checker is the world’s leading system for quality assurance in virtual development

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System Engineering Tools



The CATIA Magic solutions are the most robust and standards-compliant solutions in the market for Model-Based Systems Engineering. It offers global MBSE solutions to provide dynamic visual insights, enterprise risk mitigation and elimination of operational pain points.

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Modeling and simulation of integrated and complex systems for use within automotive, aerospace, robotics, process and other applications

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Stimulus is a unique solution for Requirements-in-the-loop simulation. It enables during the specification phase to detect incorrect, missing and conflicting requirements before any design begins, and later during the validation phase, to generate tests vectors & objectives automatically.

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Easy to use interactive application for managing requirement, traceability and impact analysis across different systems, programs and project levels across the entire hardware and software development lifecycle

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ControlBuild in an Open Automation Software Platform that allows seamless progress through all phases of the application development cycle – from definition and validation of specification to implementation and deployment

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Success Story

Read about one company's journey in implementing CATIA


For the development of its new wide body aircraft, the A350 XWB, Airbus needed a way to ensure quality and consistency across all internal and external stakeholders worldwide to meet aggressive production ramp-up targets and customer commitments.

Airbus uses Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE applications for design, simulation and manufacturing on a single platform, where employees and suppliers collaborate in real-time on a unique digital mockup. 

Collaborating on the latest and most up-to-date product information has enabled Airbus to reduce design and manufacturing time and errors, and increase design quality, thus keeping the A350 XWB program on target.

With CATIA, we implemented a full 3D Master approach to design the electrical harness installation for the A350 XWB, which simplifies the process and improves overall design quality

Antoine Scotto
Head of the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) program for the A350 XWB at Airbus

Special Offer CATIA V5

The CATIA Engineering Excellence offer brings together a large set of CATIA V5 applications, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

The CATIA Engineering Excellence offer brings together a large set of CATIA V5 applications, powered by the 3DEXPRIENCE platform, allowing improved collaboration alongside strong CAD management capabilities. The CATIA Engineering Excellence packages can be installed and used the same as your current V5 solution whilst providing 3DEXPERIENCE connectivity for future collaboration of your V5 designs.

CATIA Engineering Excellence contains three packages to get you ready for CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE collaboration.


Discounts up to 30% for purchase options

Dassault Systèmes CATIA V5 Certification and Courses

Develop Your Expertise

Official Dassault Systèmes Training Courses

MEMKO offers a full range of CATIA V5 & 3DEXPERIENCE training courses across Australia. Our trainers are qualified engineers who use these tools daily within our own engineering business.

MEMKO CAD and 3D Modeling Software CATIA

Discover More On CATIA

We answer frequently asked questions on CATIA


I do not currently have a CAD tool, and my designs are paper-based and 2D. What options are there to quickly make my designs 3D in CATIA?

CATIA has sophsticated reverse engineering capabilities. You can bring into CATIA your physical designs by scanning them with 3D scanner technologies (CMMs, Laser scanners, industrial CT scanning, etc.) and the platform reconstructing it as a 3D model, which you can further refine.

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What differentiates CATIA from other CAD tools?

Catia was born from the Aerospace world and is well suited to designing large and complex assemblies. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Stability and performance for larger assemblies, where other CAD tools will crash and have performance issues, Catia will remain stable.
  • Catia is well suited to designing complex structures , especially surfaces, but also there are applications on electrical design, sheet metals, and material testing. 
  • Saving time in the designing process through parametric and design automation capabilities
  • Tightly integrated with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform allowing you to leverage the capabilities of collaboration and simulation the platform offers.

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