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Advanced Shop Floor Planning and Scheduling Tool
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Delmia Ortems complements the Delmia portfolio by providing advanced manufacturing planning and scheduling capabilities. Ortems integrates with your ERP and adds the power of multi-constraint finite-capacity resource optimization, and synchronization of production flows – from raw materials through finished products. Ortems provides comprehensive digital continuity with data driven decision support.

Key Benefits

Decrease the time you spend planning and scheduling

Time saving in planning and scheduling activities by automating processes

Improved On-Time In-Full (OTIF) Rate

Improvement of the number of deliveries that are made on time and complete through improved data-driven decision making

Improve Visibility

Complete visibility of production by incorporating planning to a single application, with highly visual and intuitive Gantt Charts

Optimize Inventory Management

Reduce inventory and cycle time with optimised schedule

Agile Planning and Scheduling Solutions

DELMIA Ortems integrates with your existing ERP and MRP systems and helps manufacturing companies with:

capacity management

Capacity Management

Identify bottlenecks and meet customer demand with multi-constraint finite capacity planning

decision making ortems

Decision Making

Anticipate and plan “what-if scenarios” with simulations and KPI’s

Detailed scheduling ortems

Detailed Scheduling

Schedule operations to optimise resources, hot rescheduling based on unplanned events

production management ortems

Production Demand Management

Anticipate material inventory shortages and stock coverage analysis

Success Story

Read about one company's journey in implementing DELMIA Ortems


COMEZ INTERNATIONAL S.R.L., world leader in the technology of narrow fabric machinery, had to meet the needs of its high-end customers by ensuring high quality and on time delivery of tailor-made machines.

The Italian manufacturing company employs Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA Ortems solution as an operational flywheel to improve production effectiveness and efficiency.

DELMIA Ortems enables measurability, predictability and continuity of production processes. Thanks to real-time data updates, COMEZ INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. can quickly make decisions regarding the allocation and distribution of resources to fulfill orders, but above all, meet deadlines and product lead times.

After about one year of using DELMIA Ortems, we can say that we have improved a lot in the production organization. Now we have access to previously unknown or, at least, unclear information, such as the global view of the production in the workshop, the lead time (workflow) for each single work order, the waiting time for an order from its launch to the actual production and the workload of each single machine tool

Flavio Biscaldi
Planning Manager at Comez

Manufacturing Planner

Manufacturing planner enables you to have greater visibility and optimisation in planning your work orders. The configurable optimisation engine load leveling engine is used to optimally dispatch overload over time of primary and secondary resources. Manufacturing planner allows you to identifies production bottlenecks, increase your OTIF rate and improves decision making through simulation of “what if” scenarios.

Production Scheduler

Production Scheduler is the detailed scheduling module, it provides multi-constraint scheduling across multiple resources – machines, operators, tools, etc. This module uses its configurable optimization engine and its 70 basic optimization criteria to optimise production sequences and dispatching over the various plant resources. Production Scheduler leads to better production runs and the ability to have quick reactions and an optimised schedule to unforeseen events (machine downtime, operator unavailable, etc.)

Synchronized Requirements Planner

Synchronized Requirements Planner provides the material flow and capacity synchronisation system that enables Just-in-Time (JIT) demand and manufacturing integration across all Bill of Materials (BOM) levels. Synchronized Resource Planner works with Manufacturing Planner or Production Scheduler modules to balance loads and accelerate flow lines. It synchronizes purchase orders and work orders from raw materials through to semi-finished and finished products. It places constraints related to supplies and available stocks of raw materials on the schedule and provisional traceability links between semi-finished and finished product Work Orders.


Can I use my existing ERP and MRP systems and use Ortems?

Yes. Ortems has a certified adaptor with SAP (BAPI or IDOCs). If you are using another ERP/ MRP system(s) MEMKO’s technical team create an automatic data pipeline using Ortems Visual Interface Configurator.

How difficult is Ortems is to use?

Not difficult. The spirit of Ortems is to have a single source of truth for planning, displayed in an intuitive and visual format. With the planning and scheduling activities like finite capacity planning or multi-constraint resource scheduling being largely automated through its optimisation engines.

How do I extract data from Ortems?

Ortems provides two main methods of extracting information. Ortems comes with 40+ report templates OOTB that can be printed off and sent to your shopfloor, MEMKO can also create fully customised report templates for you to use. Alternatively, you can extract and save data in xls, csv and xml file formats to manage in other tools.

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