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Advanced reverse engineering, surface analysis, quality inspection and assembly guidance
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Manufacturers require more reporting, traceability, and continuity of data than ever before. Intelligent 3D CAD models are now the standard design authority in manufacturing and continue the digital thread throughout the manufacturing.


Verisurf metrology software lets you see the difference between the nominal CAD design and finished machine part in real-time. Perfect for fast, in-process first article or automated production inspection that improves your manufacturing enterprise.

Key Benefits

Model Based Definition for Precise Quality Processes

Work With Any CAD Format And Measure With Any Device

Fast Measurement Platform For Profitable Manufacturing

Success Story

Read about one company's journey in implementing Verisurf

Boom Supersonic

Model-based measurement software is critical in locating XB-1 structures and parts in 3D space. Because XB-1 is a one-off build, assembly tooling needs to be simple and inexpensive. The measurement software aids in this mission by eliminating the need for precise assembly fixtures and allowing for flexibility in installing components in 3D space. The software uses laser trackers and arms to precisely locate and place parts into position during assembly. There are several examples where this application is critical to the build, including composite structural assembly, Locating the wing subassembly to the fuselage body, and locating systems parts and brackets in the fuselage.

Model-based measurement and inspection software plays a critical role in the fabrication and assembly of XB-1, from part inspection, to tooling, setup and validation, to reverse engineering, creating fixtures, and ultimately the assembly of the aircraft. Today’s measurement software [Verisurf] is easy to use and easy to learn; it has found its way into virtually every design/build process at Boom. Without it the aircraft build would be slower, more expensive and less precise

Todd Wyatt
Metrologist at Boom Supersonic
Aerospace Inspection with CAD Validation Solution

Aerospace Inspection with CAD Validation Package

The Aerospace Inspection with CAD Validation Package is a complete 3D inspection solution for inspecting aerospace components and creating quality reports that comply with commercial aerospace requirements.

About Verisurf Software

3D Measurement Platform

Verisurf software is a 3D measurement platform for manufacturing inspection, tool building and reverse engineering. Verisurf’s open platform and enterprise-wide interoperability allows Verisurf’s customers to:

  • Create or open any CAD file or drawing
  • Connect to any measuring device or machine
  • Align to any part or assembly
  • Perform any live or offline measurement task
  • Create any model or report
  • Export data in any format

Practically any measurement task can be completed with Verisurf.

Powerful CAD Foundation

Verisurf CAD is the foundation of all of Verisurf’s suites and includes; powerful NURB surfacing and ParasolidTM solid modelling with model-associative GD&T.  Verisurf’s user experience provides the most modern and rewarding 3D visualization experience in the metrology industry and is easy to learn because it adheres to the consistent and familiar Microsoft Ribbon Framework.  All Ribbon Bars, Tabs, Groups, Panels and Galleries are fully customizable to simplify and automate repeated processes.

Customization For Automation

The Verisurf SDK helps companies achieve Industry 4.0 automation objectives with a Application Programming Interface (API) that enables the creation of custom measurement applications with the power of Verisurf in the background.   The API supports all popular scripting languages to create custom user interfaces to automate and simplify repeatable measurement driven processes.

Software Solution Suites

Verisurf is a modular software enabling us to configure the right software suite to meet the needs and budget of each customer.

Discover the full range of Verisurf software solution suites below

Metrology Enterprise Verisurf

Metrology Enterprise Suite

The Metrology Enterprise Suite consolidates all of Verisurf’s capabilities in an integrated, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use experience that gives operators the capacity to excel at any conceivable metrology project.

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CMM Programming & Inspection Suite

Significantly reduce inspection plan setup from hours to minutes with almost no learning curve. Use on any CMM in a revolutionary, click-and-build visual interface

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Inspection & Analysis Suite

Identify deviation and tolerance conditions between measured parts and nominal CAD in a premium user experience.

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3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering Suite

Create manufacturable, 3D, solid CAD models starting from any physical part in record time. A unique product designed exclusively for point cloud to solid model workflows.

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Tool Building Inspection

Tool Building & Inspection Suite

Quickly and accurately set tooling details with real-time “build-to” computer aided assembly to CAD. Adjust, shim, ream, and perfect your assembly followed by instant QC inspection report of the completed tooling or assembly.

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Quickly verify finished parts against nominal 3D CAD data or blueprints. Complete first article inspections and generate meaningful reports in minutes.

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Master3DGage is a complete CMM hardware and software solution for inspection and reverse engineering.

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The 3DGage & Verisurf software: ideal, model-based, small-footprint metrology solution for fast and accurate measurement results

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CMM Master

CMM Master

CMM Master increases shop floor productivity, reduces scrap and replaces multiple single use fixture gages at a fraction of the cost of traditional CMM systems

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zCAT combines a revolutionary, lightweight and portable form factor with easy-to-use software that serves as a common, mobile platform for in-process inspection or reverse engineering.

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Peel Scanner

Peel 2 Scanner

Accurate handheld scanner for fast and easy data collection. A next-generation companion to Verisurf software for digitizing/reverse engineering & high volume point cloud inspection.

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CMM Upgrades

CMM Upgrades

Upgrade your existing CMM, experience the power of Verisurf on all of your measuring devices, and eliminate the inconvenience of maintaining different metrology software (and skill sets) for different systems.

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Compatible Hardware Devices

Verisurf Software is compatible with most 3D measurement hardware. Below is a partial list of the most common devices by type, manufacturer, and model. If your device is not listed, please contact us and include the name of the device you are looking for

Industrial Applications

Verisurf’s industrial applications include:

  • Tool Building
  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • First Article Inspection
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Automated Inspection
  • Laser Projection

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