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Life Sciences & Healthcare

Virtual Twin Experiences for Sustainable Innovation – Helping People Live Healthier Lives
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Virtual twin experiences open up new possibilities for Life Sciences and Healthcare – enabling us to invent new ways of representing life, by understanding and representing the invisible. This catalyzes core shifts in business processes, strategic planning and regulatory frameworks, as well as technological solutions.  From its DNA to its organs, the human body holds complex mysteries yet to be uncovered by science. Inefficiencies in today’s world of research and medicine, compounded with the need for more precise, sustainable patient care, have made the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry ripe for transformation. Shifting the focus to deliver superior, patient-centric, outcome-driven experiences and creating the processes to support them transforms how therapies are discovered, developed, produced, commercialized and used

Market Segments

Pharmaceutical and biotech

Pharmaceutical and Biotech

From concept to design and development, clinical trials, governance, manufacturing and after sales services, our solutions enable you to address your challenges and improve your competitiveness

Medical device

Medical Device

Transforming medical devices with sustainable innovation

patient care

Patient Care

The patient care arena is changing rapidly with a laser focus on improving patient outcomes and a shift from episodic care to a continuous engagement in the Life Sciences Industry, embracing the consumerization of health with Dassault Systèmes solutions

Success Story

Read about one company's journey in implementing 3DEXPERIENCE

Meta Biomed

Korean health and medical materials and devices manufacturer Meta Biomed faces strict and complex checks before gaining regulatory approval on new products. It required a modern platform to centralize its product development data and support a more structured way of working to boost innovation and speed up certification as it aims to take the lead in the global surgical sutures market.

Meta Biomed made the transition from paper to digital to document every product design, formulation and experiment company wide, moving all data to a centralized database using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and its License to Cure for Medical Device industry solution experience and BIOVIA Notebook.

With all data stored in one place, management at Meta Biomed now has a complete overview of the company’s operations, while employees are empowered to collaborate more effectively, improve product quality, speed up product development and reduce costs, leading to faster innovation and better patient outcomes. The company now has the technology in place to build on its vision to bring analysis and simulation to its product development processes.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is not only a reliable cloud based solution but is also the foundation for Meta Biomed’s digital transformation

Yeon Chun Yoo
Vice President, Meta Biomed

As the 3DEXPERIENCE platform improved visibility and enabled us to reuse data, it has reduced development errors and increased quality

Min Kyeong Shin
Assistant Manager CM R&D team, Meta Biomed
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Life Sciences & Healthcare Solutions


Transform laboratory efficiency, compliance and collaboration for faster product and process development

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ngineered to cure

Engineered to Cure

Develop safe and effective medical devices with collaborative design and simulation

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designed to cure

Designed to Cure

Unify modelling and testing to accelerate the discovery of high-quality novel therapeutics

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collaborative scientific innovation

Collaborative Scientific Innovation

Make science social to innovate across the research ecosystem

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made to cure for biopharma

Made to Cure for BioPharma

Boost agility and performance of your global manufacturing operations to produce high-quality medicines

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license to cure for medical devices

License to cure for medical devices

Achieve enterprise-wide data integrity for total quality and compliance

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made to cure for medical devices

Made to Cure for medical device

Boost agility and performance of your global manufacturing operations to produce high-quality medical devices

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license to cure for biopharma

License to Cure for Biopharma

Achieve enterprise-wide data integrity for total quality and compliance

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